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     Why Hire a Birth Doula? 
 Because doulas affect birth outcomes!

  *Mothers have a greater satisfaction with birth experience 
  *Lower rates of postpartum depression
  *Partners tend to be MORE involved
  *Women tend to have:
        *Shorter labor
        *Fewer complications
        *Less need of interventions
        *Less use of pain medication

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) has acknowledged the benefit of continuous support of a doula. Read article here

I have been a DONA International doula and member since 2001.  I certified in 2002.
  A doulas role is supportive and non medical.  I have worked with over 290 families during medicated births, non medicated births, cesarean births, and VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Long labors and short labors and many in between!
 I have supported clients at Moses Taylor, Geisinger Wyoming Valley, Geisinger Danville, Geisinger Bloomsburg, Susquehanna Health Williamsport, LeHigh Valley Hazleton, Wayne Memorial, Evangelical Hospital and clients homes. 
I have a good relationship with the doctors, midwives and nurses and am always honored when they refer clients to me. 
 I am not there to replace anyone, but to help you and your chosen support people to prepare for labor, birth, and beyond and to support both of you and help you through!  

More about Doula Support
I strive to provide support to the entire family.  I would be honored to help you prepare for the birth of your baby and support you down the path birth takes you. The birth of your baby is a very special time for both you and your partner. Your partner is your Number 1 support! My job is to help them support you at whatever level they are comfortable with, and to provide support to them too. I make sure you both have what you need, while holding the space so you can labor and birth in whatever way is best for you. 
I meet with clients several times before their due date. We discuss the choices you have from wearing a hospital gown or your own, to options in pain relief, and everything in between! We will review comfort measures and ways your partner can support and help you during labor and birth. If you have other children, we discuss how to prepare them for a sibling.  
All clients have access to my extensive library of books and videos. I also loan birthing balls and TENS units for your use at no extra cost.
Once you are in labor I will join you whenever you wish. At your home and/or the hospital. I stay with you during labor, birth and several hours after to help you get settled, while still providing you the time and space to get to know your baby, and make sure you both have eaten and rested!
Having a doula provides you with a constant reassurance of someone you know and feel comfortable with.  My experience and training helps you feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. 
During the postpartum time I stay in close touch and am available to help with breast feeding challenges.  I come to your home at least once in the week or so after to see how things are going and discuss your baby's birth. I am always available for questions and support during postpartum and beyond!

The basic fee for birth doula services includes 2 prenatal meetings, unlimited phone and email support from time of hire.  My presence and support during labor, birth, and several hours after, and at least one postpartum visit in your home.  I am always available to clients via phone, email or text to answer questions and provide support during pregnancy, postpartum, and as long as you need to!

Basic birth doula fee is $800.00 
add Lamaze Healthy birthing Class series $900.00 (50.00 discount)
add a breastfeeding consult within 48 hours of coming home from hospital $825.00/$925.00 (25.00 discount)
Come to my office for both prenatal meetings and receive a $50.00 discount!

I am honored to provide no cost doula services for moms whose partner will not be able to attend the birth due to military service.

I want all who desire the support of a doula to have one! I take payments for as long as needed via check, cash or paypal, and am willing to barter (ex of things - painting, editing, home repair, freezer meals, cleaning, car repair.
  Let me know what you have to offer!)

Client Comments
 Thank you to my clients for sharing! 
At our informational meeting I  will also provide you with a reference list of clients you can contact

When I first found out we were pregnant, As a first time Dad, I was nervous and a bit scared thinking about the labor process. My wife and I met Virginia and knowledge quickly became our power.   As a Husband trust me when I say you want Virginia there for back up. I would recommend Virginia to anyone no matter what your birth plan! Matt

I laughed when my daughter told me she had hired a doula.  I thought it was the silliest thing I have ever heard.  Now having seen what you do I don't think anyone should have a baby without one!  Clients Mother

We are expecting our second child and one of the first things I did when we found out was contact Virginia! She was such an integral part of the birth of our son that I cannot imagine going through the process without her. She was a strong support for both me and my husband. I would recommend choosing Virginia to ANY mom because her knowledge, experience, patience, and level of care is second to none. Elizabeth
I loved having a woman there to tell me she understood when I kept saying how hard it was. Virginia was with us at our house and stayed right by my side for the entire labor and recovery. She didn't leave until after I had showered and settled in the bed to sleep. My labor experience was wonderful and life-changing thanks to our doula, Virginia, and my husband. Elyse

Virginia is kind, caring, and great at her job. Actually "job" just isn't the word to use. She treats you like close family with her love and concern, but has the knowledge that provides the experience you dreamed of. She is patient and understanding, but will stand up for you in those moments you don't have the strength to fight for yourself. Jenn
I didn’t think we needed a doula but during the birth of our daughter I was so glad and relieved that Virginia was present.  She helped me, helped my wife in so many ways!  Virginia really respects the moment between a husband and wife and she has the wonderful ability to mother the mother in just the way she needs at the moment.  My instincts are not that on cue!  Glenn
 Down to earth.  Has been there a few times herself.  Listens to your every word.  Knows how to help you get comfortable.  Knows when to step back.  Nurses and doctors love her.  If I had another baby she would be the first person I’d call.  Joanne
Virginia moved around the room very quietly and spoke softly yet clearly.  She was able to give what I needed before I ever had to ask.  Ann
I wish Virginia could have been at our first birth.  The advice and comfort level she gave us was fantastic.  Dennis

While expecting our twins, Virginia helped ease our fears of attempting a non surgical delivery. She not only supported me during my pregnancy, labor, recovery, & breastfeeding....but supported my husband, helping him cope with such a life changing event. I have never met anyone so calm and patient in my life!!!! Virginia is like family to us now. I will forever be grateful for her assistance in such an awesome moment in our lives. Heather

Virginia is a wonderful doula and an incredible human being.  Most importantly, she is precisely the type of person you want at your side during and leading up to childbirth -- she is knowledgeable, compassionate, and always available to listen to the mom/mom-to-be.  

She assisted my husband and I prepare for and, then, welcome our second child.  She was a tremendous resource during the end of my pregnancy.  And, we felt so lucky to have her wise and calming presence during labor.  I had the good fortune to have the natural childbirth I so wanted with my son, and I do not think I could have done it without her!  After his birth, Virginia continued to be a huge help sorting out the inevitable kinks in the first weeks of breastfeeding.  
I cannot say enough good things about Virginia!  We felt so lucky to get to know her and have her invaluable help.  

Call or email to set up a free informational meeting to discuss your thoughts and desires, my services, and how we might work together!  

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